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Tips On Learn How To Design Your Individual Tattoo Online relates to the cosmetic discipline, in particular to a gadget for drawing eyebrows. For reasons of aesthetic appearance, many individuals pay special consideration to the shape of their eyebrows. A well-designed eyebrow not solely enhances the appearance, but contributes to the overall harmony of the face. Above all, girls feel the need to design their eyebrows and due to this fact co use totally different means available within the beauty and aesthetic arts. Methods To Care For A Brand New Tattoo of drawing eyebrows in particularly is understood by those who endure from hair thinning, both as a consequence of natural causes or exterior causes, for example certain therapies that trigger thinning or complete loss of the eyebrow arch.

Various devices for the design of the eyebrow arch are recognized, but none so far has been capable of permit precise drawing that is as shut as potential to the pure appearance of the eyebrows. Up to now, the tattoo is the only known means to obtain satisfactory results. The issues that consequence from the sort of software are well known, particularly the hygienic issues and issues in regards to the talent of the tattoo artist.

Moreover, the tattoo is everlasting and doesn't allow for the removing of the arch drawing except with invasive interventions. Physchology And Tattoos solves the issues of the prior artwork through the use of a gadget for drawing the eyebrows, as defined in the claims and described intimately below. In one embodiment, the tips (4) are product of elastomeric materials. Advantageously, Lower Back Tattoos of the eyebrow achieved with the system of the invention might be eliminated with the normal make-up remover. The current invention will now even be described in detail using drawings. FIG. 7 shows an example of utilization of the system based on the present invention.

The machine based on the present invention includes a sequence of tips, which collectively form a brush. The tips have a considerably conical shape with the tip facing in the direction of the skin and are supplied by an appropriate beauty product supposed to carry out eyebrow drawings. The gadget (1) comprises a physique (2) which extends longitudinally and has substantially the form of a pen or other writing or drawing gadget. The form and dimension of the physique (2) is such that it performs the operate of a typical make-up gadget, particularly to contact up the eyebrows.

The appliance aspect (3) is linked to the physique (2) that's hollow inside. Inside the physique (2), in touch with the applying element (3) is positioned a beauty product (5), suitable for drawing on the pores and skin. Contained in the distal part of the physique (1) a mechanism (6) is positioned that pushes up the beauty product (5) by means of the appliance ingredient (3), which is configured to provide the information (4) with the cosmetic product.

The information (4) are product of an elastomeric material of a kind identified in the field, for instance, corresponding to that utilized in eyeliner applicators. The elastomeric material is selected in order to offer the ideas a level of flexibility suitable for the meant utility in line with the present invention. The tip (4) has a considerably conical shape, whose base is related to the applying ingredient (3) and the tip placed at the distal half, i.e. the half that pulls on the skin. Advantageously, the distal finish of the tip could also be hemispherical or oval in form; or flat, roughly orthogonal to the vertical axis of the tip.

The distal finish can also have the utmost taper possible, achievable with normal manufacturing methods. Other embodiments of the guidelines are potential, for example with a substantially cylindrical shape tapered outwards. The slant of the ideas (4) relative to the appliance factor (3) shouldn't be important. Typically the guidelines may be orthogonal relative to the longitudinal axis of the appliance component (3), or they are often slanted towards both the distal or the proximal part of the gadget.

On the distal end of the system (1), supposed as the other finish to that which holds the appliance element (3) with the guidelines (4), a component (7) for closing the body (2) is positioned. The dimensions of the information is selected by persons expert in the art such that these are configured as a brush. For instance, the bottom of the tip can have a diameter between 0.4 and 1.Zero mm and the peak between 0.5 and 0.7 cm.

The set of suggestions extends alongside the longitudinal axis of the application element (3) with a size between 0.3 and 1 cm. The mutual spacing of the tips is advantageously selected to make a brush suitable for drawing an eyebrow arch to replicate the pure density of the hairs. For instance, in the case of ideas with a diameter of the bottom of 1.0 mm and with the bases involved, the gap between the distal ends is 1.0 mm.

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